ensemble arcimboldo, resonance-box, Kasko Basel

String-installation with concerts & workshops for childrens and adults

ensemble arcimboldo
Abril Padilla - colychord / composition / concept
Thilo Hirsch - polychord / concept / installation
Charlotte Torres - prepared piano/ polychord / composition


ensemble arcimboldo, Totentanz-Transformationen

TOTENTANZ - Transformationen
Performance mit aussergewöhnlichen Klängen und Improvisationen

ensemble arcimboldo
Thilo Hirsch - Tromba marina
Abril Padilla - Klangobjekte / Elektroakustik
Eberhard Maldfeld - Trumschei / Tromba marina
Konzept / Video: Thilo Hirsch, Abril Padilla


ensemble arcimboldo, raushören statt reinhören, Pro Münsterplatz

DANCE of DEATH- Performance - raushören instead of reinhören!
Performance against the unfair behavior of the associacion Pro Münsterplatz Basel

ensemble arcimboldo:
Thilo Hirsch, Abril Padilla, Eberhard Maldfeld
concept / video: Thilo Hirsch, Abril Padilla

La Piazza

«LA PIAZZA»scenical dance-concert
Canti popolari italiani and music by Abril Padilla [UA],
Jason Rosenberg [UA], Luciano Berio and Giuseppe Verdi

The description of the project is only available in German.


Transformations of Instrumental Sonority - the viol of Silvestro Ganassi

Symposium and concert of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis - University of Early Music, Musicmuseum Basel and ensemble arcimboldo.

Düll und Pezold am Ammersee um 1900

The Bogenhauser Künstlerkapelle (1897–1939)
- a forgotten avant-garde of  "Ancient Music

The description of this projekt is only available in German.

Ecurie Supraporte

La Grande Écurie du Roi - Instruments and repertoire of the Grande Écurie and the Gardes Suisses at the French court of Louis XIV and XV.

It was the goal of a two-year research project of the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis to research this topic, in particular the music of the ‘Grande Écurie’, (the ‘Grand Stable’) at Versailles.

Der muede Tod-Szenenbild

Der müde Tod - Music to the silent movie
Silent movie of Fritz Lang (1921), 94'.
With Lil Dagover, Walter Janssen, Bernhard Goetzke

Abril Padilla – sounding sbjects, electroacustic composition
Thilo Hirsch –trumpet marine

M. Bürgin und T. Hirsch mit Trombe marine

Music of Swiss monasteries with trumpet marine

This project of the ensemble arcimboldo was dedicated to an instrument many people heard about, but they did not really hear it: the trumpet marine. A CD recording of this outstanding project is available on the Label musiques suisses.




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